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♦ Let the weapons clash! ♦ 

Shovel Knight commited another cameo and invaded the universe of Bloodstained!

As Miriam, take your whip and your axes and kick the intruder out of your game!

Shovel or Whip is a short fangame which consist in a single boss fight, two modes of difficulty and an upcoming 3rd difficulty mode on the way ~ 

Update 12/04/10 :

Version 1.0.1 available ~

Install instructions


  • This game uses a single package.exe and doesn't require any installation; however it can be mistaken for a malware by antivirus because of that, especially with Windows 10 Defender. It's a common problem with packaged apps (sadly).
  • If blocked by W10 Defender, click on "More Infos" and click "Run Anyway", other antivirus should work the same; usually a single authorization is enough.  I submitted the app as "false virus detection" and hope it can be solved.

  • You might get black borders on W10, it is a NW.js bug and cannot be fixed by myself; the game will be updated as soon as a fixed version of NW.js is released.
  • Read "SoW-Instructions" for more informations (game data, etc)

If you encounter any bugs, let a comment here or PM me on Twitter :

@TomycaseM - https://twitter.com/TomycaseM

Have fun and stay tuned for update!


Shovel or Whip - 32bits 68 MB
Shovel or Whip - 64bits 71 MB

Development log


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This was a neat little game! It feels very tight, and I encountered no bugs. It was cool that Shovel Knight shuffled through his various items he uses in the game (My poor Miriam had such a hard time). Props to the developer! 

Thank you very much! Glad that you had fun with the game, tell me if you try the hard mode next :)

Will do! Still attempting to beat the regular mode on my own time.

Thank you so much for creating this game. I beat it and I would love to see an similar full release game from you in the future.


Thank you, I'm glad that you like it! Maybe in the futur I'll have some bigger projects similar to this one, for the moment I'll be working on the update, stay tuned :)